Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ensuing Insanity

I am convinced that a mother's ultimate goal in life is to make it through the chaos without going completely insane. While it's all well and good to say, "My goal is to be the best mother I can be," the truth of the matter is that in the pursuit of that goal a mother is confronted (almost on a daily basis) with obstacles that threaten to squash that dream and drive her mad. If a mother can make it through the child-bearing and child-rearing part of her life and come out on the other end holding on to a thread of sanity and something that resembles her former self, she has accomplished her goal.

Having been a mother myself for nearly 20 years, I find it amazing that I'm still able to comprehend things and keep the drool from running down the front of my shirt. They say children are a gift from God, a blessing. I sometimes think God has a sense of humor and likes to give gag gifts. A blessing, yes. I would never, ever wish that I had never had kids. I do want to be the best mom that I can be for them. But, I really think their goal in life (at least until they grow up and move out of the house) is to drive their parents insane.

Take as an example the time my 13 year old daughter pierced her own nose, after I explicitly told her no when she asked, with a needle.....and no ice! Or the time my oldest son, who at the age of 4, yelled across a crowded bowling alley to his grandma that his wiener was going to get bigger because he ate all of his vegetables at supper. Talk about mortified.....

Yes, these are but a couple of things my children have done to test my patience and endurance. I'm not convinced, however, that they do these things to purposely drive me insane. I think it just come natural. But, combine children with running a household, being a wife, and having a job, and you're just asking for a one-way trip to the loony bin.

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